Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Höst 20/10 2011

I’ll tell you about my personal journey. The last two years I have made a personal journey which I do not want anyone else to have to go through. I became a mother again in old age which was just wonderful. My little son’s father abused me several times and our son was present on several occasions and he also exposed him to danger. I reported him and he was convicted of three abuse and unlawful threat. He was sentenced to several months in prison.

I moved and got my own home. I felt very bad and was very scared. I had hit bottom. Every day was a struggle to regain control of my life and to feel good again. I’ve gone and spoken to very talented people who work daily with battered women and it has strengthened me a lot. I have applied for sole custody of our beautiful little son, and it gets a hearing in two weeks regarding custody. My son’s father has a restraining order and must not come near me and it feels good.


I know I have not reached the highest step of the stairs, but I am on a very good way. There are many positive things that have happened these two years. I have found a new hobby in photographing and I have met many great new friends that I like very much. The assault has also given me a whole new perspective on life and I’m extremely grateful that I am alive today.

 Take care of the little things in life and live the life you want to live so that YOU feel good. Every day counts and step by step ….

51 tankar om “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. Way to be a strong woman. Way to be strong. Glad you didn’t let the abuse to prolong.

    Take it easy. Stay strong.
    Thanks for sharing us your powerful journey.

  2. Great photos, but what a nightmare. Thankfully you are strong, and clearly a great mom. Wishing you the best with the hearing.

    I hope you will submit photos for our online gallery at some point, if it feels like a good fit. You are very talented, and it is a supportive group of photographers who have also experienced difficult times. It’s amazing how much photography can help through the rough patches.

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  7. Powerful and poignant. Hat’s off to you, for breaking up in time … not putting up with abuse. All the best for your journey and to your little son too. These pictures are awesome!

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  9. Britten, what a courageous post. thank you for sharing your journey and your beautiful photography.
    blessings on you and your son as you continue your journey, one day at a time.

  10. You are a brave woman and I applaud your determination to make a life for yourself and your son. Sending you virtual hugs and blessings for a Happy Easter! 🙂

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  12. I admire your courage to share this story with all of us. And i admire your strength and courage. Your son will be very proud of you when he gets older. My prayers are with you so that you reach the peak of the stairs. You are an inspiration.

    Lovely pictures, btw!

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  15. Lovely photos and thank you for sharing your story. You are one strong, brave woman. I wish you and your son all the best as you continue your journey into a wonderful future.


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