Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

Hopp kan betyda så mycket olika saker för oss alla. Det jag kom att tänka på var att livet är kort och att det kan förändras så fort från den ena sekunden till den andra. Ordet hopp säger mig att jag ska ta vara på tiden och förvalta den genom att leva bra och göra saker som jag tycker om och får mig att må bra av.

Hope can mean so much different things for us all. What I thought of was that life is short and that it can change so quickly from one second to the other. The word hope tells me that I should seize the day and manage it by living well and doing things that I love and make me feel good.


Sunnanå cemetery


30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

  1. you are right – our days pass by so quickly
    what a privilege it is to have the hope of another new day, and then making it matter.
    thank you for sharing this poignant post.

  2. Love this one. The life in the lighted lamps would seem to keep alive the memories of those passed on – and gives hope that we really never die when we live on in another’s memory.

  3. Beautiful! I didn’t realize it was a cemetery until I read the paragraph. We also celebrate All Saints Day to honor our loved ones who have passed away. You took a very good angle taking this shot. Excellent!


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